Tuesday, September 13, 2005

eating my words

well, well, well...... I've just been sent an email telling me off for criticising the media on their coverage of employment relations. You can read an article comparing the policy of Labour and National here. I'm still going to dispute the "best of both acts" statement by National (see earlier post on this). The point I'm making is this: Employment Relations only ends up on the front page of the Herald, or on TV if it involves something sexy or dramatic (e.g. a strike). Employment Policy affects us ALL - but it's easily hidden under issues that appear more important (such as tax). When the nats last came into power, they "snuck in" the Employment Contracts Act right before Christmas, to avoid the public backlash from it. And they're doing it again by tricking people into thinking we're getting the "best of both acts" - this is slippery propaganda of the worst kind! National is advocating a return to legislation very similar to the ECA in its theoretical underpinnings, and that can only mean bad, bad, bad things for workers.


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