Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And we thought things were getting better....

Kate over at About Town, has a distressing post about the pay differential between men and women in New Zealand - it's increased. I might have a think about why this could be and post on it later, but any ideas gratefully received. Update: Kate's post now has a reply from her with some reasons from the Human Rights Commission. It looks like there have been larger pay increases in occupations that are traditionally male dominated, as opposed to those that are largely female dominated. I noted on Kate's post that I'm happy to accept we're not equal with men YET. However, the backwards step does concern me.


Blogger annika said...

hey :) stumbled across your blog and thought i would have a small rant, i work in a male dominated proffession (post production editor for tv), i have met 1 and only 1 other female editor in my 1st year in this career. yes male dominated jobs may be in more demand but the females (such as myself) that find themselves in these positions still seem to get paid less than their male work mates, well this may be a bit of a generalisation but in my case all the men i work with get paid at least 4K more than me.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Rafe said...

Similarly, I have a friend who worked at an expansive New Zealand architecture company which I will not name for over 15 years. Despite her qualifications and the amount of work she put in, she found males with less talent, experience and education surpassing her. Before she left she had become a practice director, which in this company was a lower rank than director, and meant that she could not own shares in the company and take the instant huge boost in salary which being a director entailed. According to the company's system, to become a director you had to be invited to buy shares in the company by the existing directors. Because they were all male, they only invited other males.

This simply shows that women still aren't as respected as men in the workforce and that they are viewed either as bad workers, or good workers who don't mind being trampled on by management.

10:06 PM  

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