Saturday, June 04, 2005

About this blog

I have reevaluated the purpose of Strikewatch. It no longer is viable or even attractive to continue butchering mainstream coverage of industrial relations - it seems that, only half way into the year, the year's industrial landscape has forced the media to take more notice of workers and their demands. And so, that means that I will cease attempting to link to each and every item of news that I can find. Instead, I want to do more detailed pieces and try and use these 'analysis skills' I learnt during university. Along the way, I hope to learn stuff as well. It will mean less posts, but hopefully better quality. Again, I extend the invitation to the national and international visitors to this site: if you would like to write an opinion piece, contact me and let's have a yarn. For the first time, this is extended to right wing thinkers too.


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Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful

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