Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blog and Submission

Blog to go visit Work without End I thought I was struggling along, alone!!! I was so pleased to see this blog and Make Tea Not War going hard! Go check it out. Submission Employment Relations (Flexible Working Hours) Amendment Bill Just tonight I noticed No Right Turn and Make Tea Not War have prepared submissions for the above Bill (closed 13 July). Go and have a look at the Bill, it's not very long but makes a lot of sense. NRT has suggested extending the coverage FROM children under 5 years and disabled children under 18 years TO "anyone with a significant caregiving responsibility (such as care for disabled or elderly family members, or those suffering from a long-term illness)". MTNW has echoed this sentiment in her (his? eek) submission, which makes a lot of sense. I think that the Bill is quite reasonable in that: - it requests employers to make an effort to accomodate people's requests for flexible arrangements due to domestic childcare needs - it acknowledges and supports parents who wish to reenter the workforce part time, post-natal - it will encourage employers to find ways of adopting more flexible work arrangements, which in my view are generally a good thing for business - it will promote more understanding and appreciation by businesspeople of the part-time / flexible shift worker and foment goodwill and loyalty More thoughts to come, and more words too :)


Blogger Make Tea Not War said...

I think NRT echoed me actually!! Good to have discovered your blog. I will do a big updating linkage exercise at the weekend. I think we have about three readers (the three contributors)


MTNW (a female person)

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