Sunday, July 17, 2005

Newly discovered blog

Confined Space: News and Commentary on Workplace Health & Safety, Labor and Politics American-based blogger Jordan Barab has a wealth of experience in occupational safety and health issues, having campaigned for many years for the right of public employees in the US to a safe workplace. From his site: "In 1998, I was appointed a Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for OSHA, serving as national Labor Liaison, ergonomics coordinator and other duties. That was a "political appointment," so I turned into a pumpkin at noon, January 20, 2001. I then "consulted" for the AFL-CIO Health and Safety Department for a year and a half. Now I have a different day job, and in my "spare" time, this." The issus that are covered on this site are very similar to those faced by workers here in New Zealand. Worth a visit.


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